Predicting all the Bowl Games

Let's roll through the Bowls, all 35 of them, in chronological order (maybe). I'm going to lay out who's playing in each one and then make a prediction on who'll win. Yet again I'll point out if I put money on my own predictions my kids would starve. I heartily recommend that you don't base anything financial on my predictions!

 New Mexico Bowl
 Who: BYU vs. UTEP
 Winner: BYU

 uDrove Humanitarian Bowl
 Who: Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
 Winner: Fresno State

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Snap Judgement College Football Week 8

Even though there were not epic matchups, this was still an impossibly great weekend of college football. So much to talk about, I reckon I'd better get it started.

The Gators got a gift, mainly from the officials in their squeaker against Mississippi State. What a farce. This is twice this year the Florida Gators have won while being helped by grossly questionable calls from inept SEC officials. First Arkansas, now Mississippi State. We get it, you want Florida to be No. 1. God forbid you let them decide it on the field. No way should Florida be No. 1 at this point. When you need the refs to spot you against these two teams, you aren't the best team in the country.

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Aaron BrownOLB 209Rams
Kaniela TuipulotuDT
Vaughn MeatogaDT

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Alex GreenRB 96Packers
Greg SalasWR 112Rams
Kealoha PilaresWR 132Panthers

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Greg AlexanderQB
Malcolm LaneWR
John EstesC
Brashton SateleILB

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
David VeikuneDE 52Browns
Ryan MoutonCB 94Titans
Jake IngramLS 198Patriots

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Colt Brennan QB 186Redskins

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Ikaika Alama-Francis DE 58Lions
Samson Satele C 60Dolphins
Reagan Mauia FB 181Dolphins
Melila Purcell DE 200Browns
Nate Ilaoa FB 236Eagles

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

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