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Revenge Of The Birds

2014 NFL Draft: Prospects Seth thinks Arizona...

Revenge Of The Birds

Arizona Cardinals news 5/6: Offseason Phase 2...

Revenge Of The Birds

Arizona Cardinals begin Phase 2 off offseason...

Revenge Of The Birds

Eric LeGrand talks recovery, graduation and t...

Revenge Of The Birds

Seth's Favorite 2014 NFL Draft prospects

Revenge Of The Birds

2014 NFL mock draft: Reviewing the results fo...

Revenge Of The Birds

Arizona Cardinals news 5/5: Cinco de mayo links

Revenge Of The Birds

Caption This! #8

Revenge Of The Birds

2014 NFL mock draft grades: Arizona Cardinals...

Revenge Of The Birds

2014 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals appear to h...

Revenge Of The Birds

Arizona Cardinals news 5/4: Draft history, Ho...

Revenge Of The Birds

2014 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock says Arizona Card...

Revenge Of The Birds

2014 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock says Ryan Shazier...

Revenge Of The Birds

Fantasy football: Can Larry Fitzgerald be an ...

Revenge Of The Birds

NFL mock draft 2014: Arizona Cardinals take Z...

New 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Lots of big changes in my newest 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas has disappointed, so I have ruled him out at this point as an early entry and he's off the board. I have taken all my running backs out of the first round, not because I think a player like South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore isn't talented, just no in demand compared to the other talent in the draft.

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2014 NFL Mock Draft

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Why Ben Roethlisberger is going to win the NFL MVP

It seems like in recent years when discussing the NFL MVP, it's sort of like talking about NASCAR. The same handful of guys every week. 4 of the last 5 awards have gone to either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, with Aaron Rogers winning it most recently. This year, I fully expect it to be Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, with maybe some Drew Brees and Peyton Manning sprinkled in with a touch of Cam Newton on the side. But I will make the case for another quarterback. A quarterback who has won 2 Super Bowls and has just turned 30, hitting the prime of his career. That's right folks, Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is going to win this season's NFL MVP Award.

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Rookies

1. Trent Richardson, RB Cleveland Browns-Potential to be a top 5 pick in all fantasy leagues very soon.

2. Andrew Luck, QB Indianapolis Colts-True Franchise signal caller and on a team without a great running game, he will develop quickly as a passer.

3. Robert Griffin III, QB Washington Redskins-Probably the best rookie next year, but will take a back seat to Luck and Richardson in the long term.

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Tight Ends

Fantasy Football Rankings TE’s

1. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots Bye-9

2. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints Bye-6

3. Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers Bye-10

4. Vernon Davis, San Fransisco 49ers Bye-9

5. Antonio Davis, San Diego Chargers Bye-7

6. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys Bye-5

7. Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots Bye-9

8. Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions Bye-5

9. Jacob Tamme, Denver Broncos Bye-7

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football Rankings-Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions Bye-5

2. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans Bye-8

3. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals Bye-10

4. Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons Bye-7

5. Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers Bye-4

6. Wes Welker, New England Patriots Bye-9

7. Victor Cruz, New York Giants Bye-11

8. AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals Bye-8

9. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons Bye-7

10. Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers Bye-6

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Running Backs

Fantasy Football Rankings-Running Backs

1. Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens Bye-8

2. Arian Foster, Houston Texans Bye-8

3. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles Bye-7

4. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars Bye-6

5. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans Bye-11

6. Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants Bye-11

7. Ryan Matthews, San Diego Chargers Bye-7

8. Fred Jackson, Buffalo Bills Bye-8

9. Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders Bye-5

10. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks, Bye-11

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Quarterbacks

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings-Quarterbacks

1.       Aaron Rogers, Green Bay Packers Bye-10

2.       Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions Bye-5

3.       Tom Brady, New England Patriots Bye-9

4.       Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Bye-5

5.       Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Bye-6

6.       Eli Manning, New York Giants Bye-11

7.       Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers Bye-6

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A never too soon 2013 NFL Mock Draft

1. Minnesota Vikings-Matt Barkley

2. Miami Dolphins-Robert Woods, WR USC

3. Seattle Seahawks-Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina

4. Oakland Raiders-Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

5. Indianapolis Colts-Jarvis Jones, LB Georgia

6. Jacksonville Jaguars-Alex Okafor, DE Texas

7. Arizona Cardinals-Aaron Murray, QB Georgia

8, New Orleans Saints-Sam Montgomery, DE LSU

9. New York Jets-Manti Te'o, LB Notre Dame

10. San Diego Chargers-Xavier Rhodes, CB Florida State

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Instant Analysis-Picks 9-16 2012 NFL Draft

9. Carolina Panthers-Luke Kuechly, LB Boston College-Great pick for the Panthers.  He's a 3 down backer and like I said in my bold predictions earlier today, he's the next great NFL linebacker.  No flaws in his game and unstoppable.  LOVE IT!

10.Buffalo Bills-Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina-Nice safe pick here.  Probably not the impact player in terms of stats that Micael Floyd would, but he's a super clean pick and if the Bills can get some pressure on the quarterback he'll have a chance to make a lot of plays.  LIKE IT!

11.Kansas City Chiefs-Dontari Poe, DT Memphis-The Chiefs has had problems with high picks on the defensive line and that might not have stopped.  If Poe can play up to his athletic potential, he'll be dominant.  But if he plays like his film, he's going to be very average. LIKE IT!

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2012 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.13 Michael FloydWR Notre Dame
3.80 Jamell FlemingCB Oklahoma
4.112 Bobby MassieOT Mississippi
5.151 Senio KelemeteOG Washington
6.177 Justin BethelCB Presbyterian
6.185 Ryan LindleyQB San Diego State
7.221 Nate PotterOT Boise State

2011 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.5 Patrick PetersonCB LSU
2.38 Ryan WilliamsRB Virginia Tech
3.69 Rob HouslerTE Florida Atlantic
4.103 Sam AchoDE Texas
5.136 Anthony ShermanFB Connecticut
6.171 Quan SturdivantILB North Carolina
6.184 David CarterDT UCLA
7.251 DeMarco SampsonWR San Diego State

2010 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.26 Dan WilliamsDT Tennessee
2.47 Daryl WashingtonOLB Texas Christian
3.88 Andre RobertsWR The Citadel
4.130 O'Brien SchofieldOLB Wisconsin
5.155 John SkeltonQB Fordham
6.201 Jorrick CalvinCB Troy
7.233 Jim DrayTE Stanford

2009 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.31 Beanie WellsRB Ohio State
2.63 Cody BrownDE Connecticut
3.95 Rashad JohnsonS Alabama
4.131 Greg TolerCB St Pauls
5.167 Herman JohnsonOG LSU
6.204 Will DavisDE Illinois
7.240 LaRod Stephens-HowlingRB Pittsburgh
7.254 Trevor CanfieldOG Cincinnati

2008 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.16 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennessee State
2.50 Calais Campbell DE Miami (Fla.)
3.81 Early Doucet WR Louisiana State
4.116 Kenny Iwebema DE Iowa
5.149 Tim Hightower RB Richmond
7.212 Wilrey Fontenot CB Arizona
7.225 Brandon Keith OT Northern Iowa

2007 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.5 Levi Brown OT Penn State
2.33 Alan Branch DT Michigan
3.69 Buster Davis OLB Florida State
5.142 Steve Breaston WR Michigan
7.215 Ben Patrick TE Delaware

2006 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.10 Matt Leinart QB USC
2.41 Deuce Lutui OG USC
3.72 Leonard Pope TE Georgia
4.107 Gabe Watson DT Michigan
5.142 Brandon Johnson OLB Louisville
6.177 Jonathan Lewis DT Virginia Tech
7.218 Todd Watkins WR Brigham Young

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