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SIlver And Black Pride

Raiders Draft Radar 2014: Safety

SIlver And Black Pride

Cody Hoffman scouting report

SIlver And Black Pride

2014 NFL Draft poll Community big board group 8

SIlver And Black Pride

Raiders Draft Radar 2014: Cornerback

SIlver And Black Pride

2014 Raiders mock draft: Pick 247 is BYU WR C...

SIlver And Black Pride

James Gayle scouting report

SIlver And Black Pride

2014 NFL Draft poll Community big board group 7

SIlver And Black Pride

Khalil Mack scouting report

SIlver And Black Pride

Scott Crichton scouting report

SIlver And Black Pride

DaQuan Jones scouting report

SIlver And Black Pride

2014 Raiders mock draft: Pick 235 is Frenso S...

SIlver And Black Pride

Kyle Van Noy scouting report

SIlver And Black Pride

Bashaud Breeland scouting report

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Ted Bolser scouting report

SIlver And Black Pride

Aaron Murray scouting report

New 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Lots of big changes in my newest 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas has disappointed, so I have ruled him out at this point as an early entry and he's off the board. I have taken all my running backs out of the first round, not because I think a player like South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore isn't talented, just no in demand compared to the other talent in the draft.

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2014 NFL Mock Draft

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NFL Mt. Rushmore-Oakland Raiders

Every NFL Franchise has it’s own pantheon of football gods. That group of players who are not only historic in terms of talent, but even more than that, these are the players who you have to talk about when you tell the story of your team. This is part of a 32 article series where I tell you who I would put among that elite group. For this, it’s Mt. Rushmore. 4 players only. The 4 heads you would carve on a mountain that would live forever as the greatest in franchise history.

Now, I don’t profess to know the history of every franchise in the league. So, I did my research. And part of that was reaching out to you fans. But if you don’t agree with the 4 guys I have selected, come find me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/nfldraftboard and let me hear what you think.

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Tight Ends

Fantasy Football Rankings TE’s

1. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots Bye-9

2. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints Bye-6

3. Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers Bye-10

4. Vernon Davis, San Fransisco 49ers Bye-9

5. Antonio Davis, San Diego Chargers Bye-7

6. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys Bye-5

7. Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots Bye-9

8. Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions Bye-5

9. Jacob Tamme, Denver Broncos Bye-7

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football Rankings-Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions Bye-5

2. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans Bye-8

3. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals Bye-10

4. Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons Bye-7

5. Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers Bye-4

6. Wes Welker, New England Patriots Bye-9

7. Victor Cruz, New York Giants Bye-11

8. AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals Bye-8

9. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons Bye-7

10. Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers Bye-6

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Running Backs

Fantasy Football Rankings-Running Backs

1. Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens Bye-8

2. Arian Foster, Houston Texans Bye-8

3. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles Bye-7

4. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars Bye-6

5. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans Bye-11

6. Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants Bye-11

7. Ryan Matthews, San Diego Chargers Bye-7

8. Fred Jackson, Buffalo Bills Bye-8

9. Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders Bye-5

10. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks, Bye-11

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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Quarterbacks

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings-Quarterbacks

1.       Aaron Rogers, Green Bay Packers Bye-10

2.       Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions Bye-5

3.       Tom Brady, New England Patriots Bye-9

4.       Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Bye-5

5.       Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Bye-6

6.       Eli Manning, New York Giants Bye-11

7.       Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers Bye-6

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A never too soon 2013 NFL Mock Draft

1. Minnesota Vikings-Matt Barkley

2. Miami Dolphins-Robert Woods, WR USC

3. Seattle Seahawks-Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina

4. Oakland Raiders-Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

5. Indianapolis Colts-Jarvis Jones, LB Georgia

6. Jacksonville Jaguars-Alex Okafor, DE Texas

7. Arizona Cardinals-Aaron Murray, QB Georgia

8, New Orleans Saints-Sam Montgomery, DE LSU

9. New York Jets-Manti Te'o, LB Notre Dame

10. San Diego Chargers-Xavier Rhodes, CB Florida State

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Post Super Bowl/Pre-Combine 2012 NFL draft, mock style

1. Indianapolis Colts-Andrew Luck, QB Stanford-I am not convinced that the Colts already declaring Luck as their pick isn’t a whole lot of posturing, but it’s hard to imagine anyone but Luck being the top pick, regardless of who ends up selecting here.

2. St. Louis Rams-Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma State-The lack of talent on this roster all over the field is disturbing. They have a handful of good players but the franchise has seemed content with mediocore talent, especially at wide receiver. Blackmon is a dominant player at his position and would be a welcome addition for young quarterback Sam Bradford.

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NFL Power Rankings-Week 2

Like most seasons, this NFL season has the mix of a few really great times, a few really bad ones, and a whole bunch in the middle.

32. Kansas City Chiefs-A team ravaged with injuries and poor coaching.

31. Indianapolis Colts-Peyton Manning gets hurt and the whole team just gave up.

30. Seattle Seahawks-Worst offense in the NFL.  Pete Carroll has no talent at quarterback.

29. Carolina Panthers-Cash Newton racking up big passing yards but no W’s.

28. Miami Dolphins-Lots of offense but a defense that can’t stop a flag football team.

27. St. Louis Rams-This team lacks speed on defense and it’s offense is just too beat up to be competitive.

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2012 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
3.95 Tony BergstromOG Utah
4.129 Miles BurrisOLB San Diego State
5.158 Jack CrawfordDE Penn State
5.168 Juron CrinerWR Arizona
6.189 Christo BilukidiDE Georgia State
7.230 Nathan StuparOLB Penn State

2011 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
2.48 Stefen WisniewskiC Penn State
3.81 Demarcus Van DykeCB Miami (FL)
3.92 Joseph BarksdaleOT LSU
4.113 Chimdi ChekwaCB Ohio State
4.125 Taiwan JonesRB Eastern Washington
5.148 Denarius MooreWR Tennessee
6.181 Richard GordonTE Miami (FL)
7.243 David AusberryWR USC

2010 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.8 Rolando McClainILB Alabama
2.44 Lamarr HoustonDT Texas
3.69 Jared VeldheerOT Hillsdale
4.106 Bruce CampbellOT Maryland
4.108 Jacoby FordWR Clemson
5.138 Walter McFaddenCB Auburn
6.190 Travis GoethelILB Arizona State
7.215 Jeremy WareCB Michigan State
7.251 Stevie BrownS Michigan

2009 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.7 Darrius Heyward-BeyWR Maryland
2.47 Michael MitchellS Ohio
3.71 Matt ShaughnessyDE Wisconsin
4.124 Louis MurphyWR Florida
4.126 Slade NorrisOLB Oregon State
6.199 Stryker SulakDE Missouri
6.202 Brandon MyersTE Iowa

2008 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.4 Darren McFadden RB Arkansas
4.100 Tyvon Branch CB Connecticut
4.125 Arman Shields WR Richmond
6.169 Trevor Scott DE Buffalo
7.226 Chaz Schilens WR San Diego State

2007 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.1 JaMarcus Russell QB Louisiana State
2.38 Zach Miller TE Arizona State
3.65 Quentin Moses DE Georgia
3.91 Mario Henderson OT Florida State
3.99 Johnnie Lee Higgins WR Texas-El Paso
4.100 Michael Bush RB Louisville
4.110 John Bowie CB Cincinnati
5.138 Jay Richardson DE Ohio State
5.165 Eric Frampton DB Washington State
6.175 Oren O'Neal FB Arkansas State
7.254 Johnathan Holland WR Louisiana Tech

2006 Draft
Pick Player Pos College
1.7 Michael Huff S Texas
2.38 Thomas Howard OLB Texas-El Paso
3.69 Paul McQuistan OG Weber State
4.101 Darnell Bing OLB USC
6.176 Kevin Boothe OG Cornell
7.214 Chris Morris C Michigan State
7.255 Kevin McMahan WR Maine

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