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32 thoughts on Week 10 in the NFL

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/17/2009


32 thoughts from Week 10 in the NFL

1. Michael Crabtree is averaging about 4.5 catches a game with a mediocore quarterback throwing to him. 72 catches for a full season. Everyone should hold out.

2.Jay Cutler is being, well Jay Cutler this season. He's always going to throw a ton of picks Bears fans, because he thinks his arm can defy physics. Be have faith. In Peyton Manning's first 5 years in the league he threw 100 interceptions.

3.Atlanta's offense was on shaky ground already but an extended injury to Michael Turner might sink their playoff chances.

4.Is there a team more Jeckyll and Hyde than the Panthers? One week they look unstoppable, and the next they couldn't beat a pop warner team.

5.Like Atlanta, Miami leans on their running game, and like Atlanta they can't afford to lose Ronnie Brown.

6.I feel bad for Detroit, because I really think they are a better team than their record indicates. They have to address defense and and a player to line up opposite Calvin Johnson this offseason.

7.Loved the call by Jack Del Rio at the end of the game. You do what you have to do to finish the game and leave no doubt. Great call, and everything worked.

8.I remember people were talking about the Jets as Super Bowl contenders the first few weeks of the season. And now the wheels have completely fallen off. They need to rally in a hurry.

9.The Pittsburgh Steeler defense and their coordinator become neutered when Troy Polamalu gets hurt. Considering his tendency to do just that, they have better grow a set when he's on the sidelines.

10.The Bengals are for real. I think bringing in Larry Johnson is a bad move, unless Ced Benson is hurt much worse than we realize. But then again, winning puts everyone in a better mood.

11.The Saints keep finding ways to win. But the idea they left the Rams in this game for so long, makes me wonder about their ability to finish.

12.The poor Bills just can't stay out of their own way. Pretty soon owner Ralph Wilson will outdo Titans owner Bud Adams by flipping the bird to his own players.

13.It is no surprise to me, since I said it weeks ago, that the Titans would play harder for Vince Young and so far that has proven to be true. This team could win out and miss the playoffs, but don't blame Vince Young.

14.I was going to say the Jets were the most disappointing team on the slide and then I remembered the Broncos. Is the McDaniels mojo finally wearing off?

15.Looks like the Redskins are trying to salvage a bit of dignity at the midway point. I've said all along this team has too many talented players not to be better. It's just a matter of playing well on a consistent basis.

16.Chiefs win, and KC fans all over the Midwest climb back in off the ledge to hear the latest riveting Todd Haley press conference. Pittsburgh comes to town this week. Just sayin.

17.Wasn't Seattle the team everyone talked about pre-season as a team to make big noise this year? A rash of injuries has just crushed this team.

18.The Eagles could be a great team, but the total lack of confidence in the the run game that Andy Reid has is this team's undoing. Even the Saints will line up and run the football at you but 55 pass attempts to 9 rush attempts you don't beat anyone.

19.Love the 4th down call by Bill Bilichick at the end of the game. Kevin Faulk made him look like a fool, but if you liked what Del Rio did, you better not hate what Bilichick did. Pats will recover like they always do and keep on winning.

20.But ultimately it's Peyton Manning's world and we are all just living in it. His mastery of the offense and his ability to manipulate all parts of the game on both sides of the ball is amazing. And bravo to strong safety Melvin Bullitt for making the play of Faulk. Oh, and to Reggie Wayne just once before you retire could you fight for extra yards on a play rather than jog out of bounds?

21.Enough with the throwback uniforms. Some of just horrid, and all of them are just a marketing ploy.

22.Larry Johnson trashed his teammates on Facebook, as his first act as a Bengal. I guess that was the only group left in Kansas City he hadn't thrown under the bus.

23.If I am a bad team who needs a quarterback, I might consider taking a run at Mike Vick before I draft any of the big names in the 2010 draft.

24.Dick Jauron was fired today, and for a moment I thought the interim head coach(Perry Fewell) was the former lead singer of Jane's Addiction. Like he could do worse.

25.Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe was suspended 4 games for violating the league's drug policy. The story is, he showed up to camp 30lbs overweight and used a diuretic to lose weight. So now the one viable wide out Matt Cassell had is shelved for the next month. What are you thankful for, Matt?

26.There's a thought that Brian Westbrook won't even play football again because of concussions. I can completely understand the thought, but is someone going to tell me guys didn't have these types of injures in the 70's and 80's? I think it was called, "getting your bell rung".

27.I heard that Tila Tequila is suing Shawne Merriman for domestic abuse. This is the same girl who gets loaded, dresses up in her trashy Halloween costumes and sings on video and posts it on ustream.tv. Not that I've ever seen it.

28.This could be the closest MVP race of all time as Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and Peyton Manning are all frontrunners, with guys like Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Chris Johnson in the next group.

29.Bud Adams, Tennessee Titans owner was fined $250k for flipping the bird to the Bills fans last week. I have watched the video a dozen times, and honestly, I wish Adams were my grandpa. I am hoping he and Ralph Wilson settle this dispute in the Thunderdome.

30.The Movie about Ravens rookie tackle Michael Oher, "The Blind Side" starts this Friday and I can't wait to see it. Oher is one of the classiest guys in the league, an awesome player, and his story is heartwarming. I will be taking my 11 year old daughter opening night.

31.The most competitive offseason award this year may be comeback player of the year. My super sleeper candidate is Vince Young.

32.The road that brought Donovan Woods, Steelers linebacker to the NFL is really interesting. He was supposed to be the quarterback of the future for Oklahoma State, and he was quite a player. Then he moved to safety and was the MVP of the Insight Bowl in 2007. He's been on the Steelers practice squad since 2008 beefing up learning to play linebacker and has been moved up to the active roster to help on special teams. These kinds of players are the kinds of guys kids can look up to, not for how much money they make or how many MVP's they win, but how hard they worked to fulfill a dream.

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