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It’s Friday and the first pick is already in

Written by Ben Morgan on 04/29/2009

Well, it’s actually late Saturday for me but hey. Yes the Detroit Lions have made it official by signing Joey Harring… I mean Matthew Stafford to a gargantuan deal, bigger than last weeks deal to the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Yeah Goodell, before you do anything else, it’s time to even out the money earned by rookies. It’s a crazy situation when a dozen kids who’ve never played a down in the NFL can earn more than half the proven vets in the league. Just crazy. The drop off in money for rookies is too high. They get too much at the head of the draft, probably about the right amount for the second half of round 1 and not enough beyond that. What’s even crazier is that 7th round selections end up making less than a lot of guys who aren’t even drafted at all! Yes the most prized undafted guys can often find themselves with bigger signing bonuses than their 6th and 7th round colleagues.

There are set amounts paid to players depending on how much league experience they have. I’d like to see there be levels set for what amount draft picks can receive based on their draft position. I somehow doubt the majority of current members of the NFLPA would disagree!

Oh wait this was going to be about Jotthew Staffington and how some teams in the NFL seem to just be cursed to repeat their mistakes.

I guess at least they didn’t draft a WR.

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