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Hey Morons!

Written by Curt Popejoy on 08/11/2009

Sometimes I just have to vent a little and tonight is my night to vent. There’s already one preseason game in the books, and the whole league will have played one by the end of the week, and we have 5 first round picks still unsigned. I honestly don’t know who to blame more for this the players or the agents.

First is Michael Crabtree, who’s crying because he was taken after Oakland rookie WR Darrius Heyward-Bey but feels like he’s a better player so he should make more. Michael are you on some new allergy medication? I lobbied for you for the Heisman two years in a row. I have you as my number one overall prospect, and I felt like you got robbed when you fell as far as you did in the first round. But for crying out loud, you are playing on a bad team and need the reps with your pack of mediocre QBs if you hope to put together any kind of a season.

Oh and Andre Smith, WTF are you thinking? You should be thanking God that you were drafted as high as you were, after the train wreck of an offseason you had. You have no leverage. Pick 5 (Mark Sanchez, QB New York Jets), and pick 7 (Heyward-Bey) are signed. You sure as Hell can’t make more than a QB like Sanchez, and you can’t make less than DHB, so what’s the problem? Get your lard ass into camp. The Bengals took a chance on you, and you are letting them down already.

Ok, let me take a breath. Let’s think about where we are with this and what is happening.

First you have Smith, who’s stuck and just needs to sign his contract and get on with his career before he and his moobs are too far behind to catch up.
But the other 4 guys are a little different. They are basically picks 8-11, and they are all lumped together waiting on the first guy to flinch. No. 8 pick Eugene Monroe is sitting there not wanting to make a deal too soon, because No. 9 pick BJ Raji still isn’t signed. Once Monroe signs it should cause a bit of a chain reaction on down. Same for Aaron Maybin who was taken by 11 by the Buffalo Bills. Knowshon Moreno the 12th pick by the Broncos is signed, so Maybin has his minimum, but there’s no way in Hell he’s signing with Crabtree threatening to hold out all season, unless he gets more money than DHB signs. IF that happens, that will throw the entire slotting off, and allow Maybin and even Raji and Monroe more money. It’s a huge mess all started by one Red Raider.

But outside of the financial aspect of this and let’s not kid ourselves, it’s the second contract an NFL player gets that sets him for life, these guys are costing themselves so much more than money. It’s costing them a shot to develop as a great player. I’m not going to be overly dramatic and say they’ll never recover as players because that’s not true. But for this season, a prolonged holdout particularly for a skill player could cost them this year, and will almost certainly hurt their rep with fans. And morons the fans are what drive you through your career.

So listen morons sign your contracts, buy your big houses and most importantly get on the field and start showing your fans you are worth all the trouble.

Last Edited: 03/04/2010

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