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Snap Judgement Michigan/Notre Dame

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/13/2009

How ’bout those Wolverine’s?  Wow what a game.  I tip my hat to Clausen and the Notre’ Dame offense who did all they could to keep their team in the game.  This loss was not on them.  And it’s not on Charlie Weiss either.  He coached a good game, and I agree with his decision to throw late.  And to be completely honest, I can’t beat the Notre Dame defense too much for getting gashed like they did.  Yeah, your offense gets you 34, you should be able to hold the other team’s offense.

This game was won not lost.  It was won by a freshman QB named Tate Forcier.  I remember last year, when I heard he was commiting to Michigan, I thought that this kid had the look of a QB who can thrive in that new offense.  But I figured he’d be a sophomore before we’d see it.  I like being Half right.  Forcier is already there.  I can see Rodriguez seeing his next Pat White out there, running his offense to perfection.  This win today will help get Michigan some much needed respect.  If you missed today’s game, you need to check out the arrival of Tate Forcier and the Michigan offense.  Congrats to the Wolverines after being the butt of a lot of jokes the last couple of seasons, they probably just blew Notre Dame’s national title hopes out of the water, and that deserves some respect.

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