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2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets-Rookies

Written by Curt Popejoy on 06/05/2012


1. Trent Richardson, RB Cleveland Browns-Potential to be a top 5 pick in all fantasy leagues very soon.

2. Andrew Luck, QB Indianapolis Colts-True Franchise signal caller and on a team without a great running game, he will develop quickly as a passer.

3. Robert Griffin III, QB Washington Redskins-Probably the best rookie next year, but will take a back seat to Luck and Richardson in the long term.

4. Doug Martin, RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Martin has a real shot to be the starter day one, and is much more talented than most realize. Very Ray Rice type of potential.

5. Michael Floyd, WR Arizona Cardinals-Has a chance to be tutored by one of the best wide outs in the league.

6. Justin Blackmon, WR Jacksonville Jaguars-He’d be ranked higher if he wasn’t on such a bad team.

7. Coby Fleener, TE Indianapolis Colts-An ideal situation being able to catch passes from his former college QB. I expect big numbers right off the bat.

8. Ryan Tannehill, QB Miami Dolphins-An athletic quarterback on a bad team means he’s going to get plenty of shots to rack up numbers.

9. Brandon Weeden, QB Cleveland Browns-Very little passing talent around him, and a limited ceiling, but any time you have a quarterback on a bad team, they will be throwing a lot.

10. David Wilson, RB New York Giants-Eventually Ahmad Bradshaw will be hurt, and when he is, Wilson will get his chance to shine.

11. Mohamed Sanu, WR Cincinnati Bengals-Great long term situation as the no.2 wr to AJ Green and Andy Dalton at QB.

12. Kendall Wright, WR Tennessee Titans-If Jake Locker can develop quickly, Wright could end up a Mike Wallace type deep threat.

13. LaMichael James, RB San Fransisco 49ers-With his talent it’s going to be hard to keep him off the field, ala Darren Sproles in New Orleans.

14. Alshon Jeffery, WR Chicago Bears-One thing for Jeffery will be Cutler can fling it. But can Jeffery stay in shape and stay on the field?

15. Brian Quick, WR St. Louis Rams-With all the problems the Rams have with wide outs, Quick could end up on the field early and often.

16. Isaiah Pead, RB Cincinnati-Obviously not in a position to start this year, but long term Pead will be more and more involved in the offense.

17. AJ Jenkins WR San Fransisco 49ers-Considering the talent on this roster at the skill positions if Jenkins can realize his potential, he could end up being very good for a long time.

18. Robert Turbin, RB Seattle Seahawks-Turbin has all the tools to be a productive NFL starter, and he’s in a nice position to replace Marshawn Lynch at some point.

19. Ryan Broyles, WR Detroit Lions-As he gets healthy it will be impossible to keep Broyles off the field.

20. Chris Polk, RB Philadelphia Eagles-Assuming he’s telling the truth that he’s healthy, Polk will be able to have an instant impact spelling LeSean McCoy, and could eventually replace him.

Last Edited: 06/05/2012

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