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Morning Mail Sack

Written by Curt Popejoy on 07/03/2012

Morning Mail Sack

If you had the first pick in your fantasy football league draft, who would you take?

At this point, if I was picking No.1 overall, unless the league was huge like 15 teams, or an oddball league that required 2 starting quarterbacks, I'd go with Houston Texans RB Arian Foster. I don't think the difference between he and some other elite backs is huge, but I think he's a very safe pick and he's the kind of guy you know will produce every week even sharing carries with Ben Tate. Now, removing running backs from the equation, I go with Aaron Rodgers. Just like a half dozen years ago Peyton Manning was a top pick, Rodgers is that guy now. I think there could be as many as 5 quarterbacks challenging for the single season passing record this year, but if I am picking 1, and my pick won't be back around for 19 picks or better, give me Rodgers. With the days of the franchise RB all but gone, every back is part of some sort of rotation, but quarterbacks aren't.

Sean L.

Why don't you have all the players that get drafted in your rankings?

There are a couple of reasons why a player who's drafted isn't included in my rankings. First, I may have excluded a player who was drafted because what I saw of them didn't make me feel comfortable including them. A good example was back in 2006 when the Steelers drafted a WR and return specialist from Florida State University named Willie Reid with the 95th pick. I had seen Reid play and was pretty underwhelmed so I chose not to include him. After the draft, I got pounced on by Steelers fans that told me I couldn't know what I was doing because I didn't include a player drafted in the Top 100. NFL teams have to know more than me, right?  Fast forward to today and Reid is no longer in the league having never made an impact during his 4 seasons on 4 different teams.

The other reason I might not include a player is if I don't have enough personal experience on them to list them. This is where I differ from many other draft writers. I typically don't read much of what other draftniks do, but once in awhile I will click a link on Twitter to updated positional rankings and it's overkill how many names they have listed and I'd be willing to wager they haven't watched them all play. I suppose the easy way out is to do just that. Go out and latch onto other rankings and just bloat my list with guys I never saw play, but what is the point? I'd rather miss on a player but know that my rankings are my own, than expand my list based on the words of others and if pressed about a player might not be able to talk about them.

Tom R. in Atlanta, GA

Do you even watch football?

Nope. Never.

Every team's fan when I say something that they don't like.

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