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Dan Williams - DT Tennessee, Senior

Height: 6'2" DOB: 08/01/1987
Weight: 327lbs Age: 27

Pick #26

Arm Hand 40 Yard 10 Yard Bench Press Vert Jump Broad Jump 3 Cone Short Shuttle Long Shuttle Wonderlic KEI
33 1/2" 10 1/8" 5.17s N/A 27 N/A 8' 0" N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

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Size Run Stuffing
Speed Pass Rushing
Strength Tackling
Athleticism Attitude/Effort

Scouting Report-I decided to go back and watch some of Williams games from last season, because I keep hearing how he's come on so big this year and is so dominant and really climbing up draft boards.  What I saw was basically a mirror image.  What Williams is, is a great nose tackle prospect.  He's a classic wide body, with a squatty physique, low center of gravity, and legs like telephone poles.  He's a classic zero technique nose, with lots of power and leverage. He's probably quicker than he is fast, but he does make good decisions and makes them quickly which gets him into the backfield.  He's got good explosion, can beat the double team, and does a nice job finishing the play. He's a typical big boy.  He wraps up hard and lets gravity do the work.  He's sort of a poor man's BJ Raji.  Not quite as athletic, not quite as strong and not quite as disruptive.  Troubling to me is he seems pretty slow afoot which I realize makes no sense criticizing speed on a guy that weighs 330lbs.  But compared to other giant landmasses he's lacking some speed.  And no matter what you hear, Williams is basically the same player he was last year, which makes me wonder about his upside.

Draft Status  Williams appears to be riding a wave of attention right into the first round.  I have no problem with that, as he's been a very good player the past two seasons and plays a position that is in high demand in the NFL.  How high he's drafted will depend greatly on the 3-4 team that is in greatest need to a nose tackle, as well as were Alabama DT Terrence Cody goes.  I have seen some that have Williams rated ahead of Cody but I'm not there yet.  I think Williams ends up a mid bottom third first round pick to a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers who need to upgrade their defensive line. 

Final Analysis I like Williams game a lot.  He's going to be a great run stuffer in the NFL and his ability to absorb blocker is going to make the players behind him look even better, because he gives them free run at the quarterback.  He's going to do exactly what is asked of him.  Plug the middle, make tackles on backs and let other palyers get the sacks.  He's never going to be a great statistical player, but that's ok.  I'd love to gush about Williams, but he's pretty much a lunchpail nose tackle. Not real fast not real athletic, but he's really strong and he's great at his job.  If I rooted for a 3-4 team(and I do), and needed a big fat boy for the middle, I'd have no problem snatching WIlliams up in the first assuming Cody is already off the board.

Reminds me of: Ryan Pickett, DT Green Bay Packers Pickett is the unsung hero of the new Packers new 3-4 defense and although you don't see him in the box score just ask his teammates how good he is.  He's done well enough that first round NT BJ Raji has been a non-factor.


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Scouting Report written by Curt Popejoy

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