Curt's Big 32 for the 2013 NFL Draft-UPDATED

Please keep in mind, this is my list of who I like.  This has nothing to do with predicting where they will be drafted.   If I were an NFL GM, if all positions were on the board, this would be my top 32 guys. You couldn't really go wrong with any of these guys, but don't be shocked that my order doesn't fall in line with what most believe.

Obviously I reserve the right to make changes to this as the season goes on, and it is of course a fluid list. 

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Snap Judgments-Week 13 college football

College football never fails to disappoint if you are a fan. This weekend, when most non-college fans said would be a dull holiday weekend for the NCAA, it was once again incredibly exciting with top ranked teams falling in rivalry games, being pushed to overtime, and in terms of players, the Heisman Trophy picture comes into view.

I have a ton of games to comment on, so let's pop it off!!!

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Senior Bowl Report: Tuesday's North Practice

North practice began with the same format and routine of drills – OL working in pairs with blocking pads, nothing noteworthy in there until they get working to a point when guys want to fight each other.

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Senior Bowl Report: Monday's North Practice

The first afternoon of practices presented the choice of attending the North squad’s at Ladd-Peebles or the South’s at Fairhope Stadium about 8 miles away at the exact same time. Besides being closer, I opted for the North because it’s a larger collection of less familiar names to most people.

But before perhaps the most interesting tidbits of Monday came before leaving the hotel – first, seeing Todd McShay, hopefully I’ll catch him later in the week and second, the entire Patriots scouting staff and before they split up to cover both practices, standing and sitting around me, discussing a number of topics:

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Zack WilliamsC 203Panthers
Reid ForrestP

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Kenny AlfredC

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Brandon GibsonWR 194Eagles

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Alex Brink QB 223Texans

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Jason Hill WR 7649ers
Eric Frampton DB 165Raiders

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Jerome Harrison RB 145Browns

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